The Mulhern Family
Mary Ann MacKinnon --------------------------------------------------Charles Mulhern
  b.  11 Nov. 1871 -- Dunakym, Nova Scotia                           b.
  d.                 1960                                                                           d.       1913-1914
Here we will be recording the family, and descendants of  Mary Ann MacKinnon and Charles Mulhern
Special Thanks to Jack and Katherine Mulhern
Thanks also to David, Sally and Shelley Mulhern
a.    John Edward Mulhern ----------------------------------Edna Shelton
        b                            1895  - Vancouver,BC.              b.   
       m                            1925  
        d                            1975 - Tucson.Ar. USA              d.                            1940  
1.  John Edward Mulhern, Jr.-------------------Katherine  Myrick   
     b.  26 Mar.  1926
    d.   24 Feb.  2015       Dover,NH
a.  Katherine Ann Mulhern--------
1.  Colin  Dow Young--------
a. Calvin Ryan Dow Young------

b.  Oliver Coltrane Young

c.  Esme Violet Young
b.  John  Peter  Mulhern---------------(1)  Patricie Arent
1. Sarah Elizabeth Mulhern
(2)  Carla Salisbury
1. Meghan Salisbury Mulhern

2.  Kathleen Hope Mulhern

3. Daniel David Mulhern
c.  David Kenneth Mulhern ------------Sally Hopkins
1.  Patrick Charles Mulhern----Holly Chambers

       a.  Violet Constance  Mulhern
2.  Charles S Mulhern  ----------------------------Alice Virginia Hodge
    b.  20 Mar.     1933                                          b.  31 Jul.  1932
   m.   5 Feb.      1955
   d.   15 Oct.      2008                                         d.    3 Jun. 2011                    

2.  James Peter Mulhern
a.  Shelley Kathryn Mulhern  ----- (1) David Bailey
a.  Alexandria Jeanine  Mulhern

b.  Sydney Kathryn Mulhern
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John E. (Jack) Mulhern, Jr., a long time resident of Durham, New Hampshire, passed away following a long illness on February 24, 2015 at Langdon Place in Dover. His wife of 64 years, Katherine, and his three children, Katherine A. Mulhern, J. Peter Mulhern, and David Mulhern were with him.

Jack was a member of the University of New Hampshire physics faculty from 1954 until his retirement in 1993. Jack was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1926. He spent his childhood in New York City. In 1944, he volunteered for service in the United States Army. After training for the Signal Corps in the 82nd Airborne Division he was posted to Europe at the beginning of 1945. Following his discharge, he completed his undergraduate education in Oklahoma and moved to Boston where he pursued graduate studies at Boston University. He worked for General Electric while completing his doctorate. At GE, he was named young scientist of the year for his research and development work. Jack and Katherine moved to Durham in 1954, where he joined the physics department faculty at UNH as an assistant professor. He became a full professor at UNH in 1966. Teaching physics to enthusiastic students was, for him, the most rewarding aspect of his career, which the UNH community recognized by awarding him the College of Engineering's outstanding faculty award for teaching in 1992. After his retirement in 1993 he continued to be active at UNH.

Although devoted and passionate about his professional work, Jack brought endless energy and enthusiasm to other aspects of his life as well. He enjoyed hiking in the New Hampshire mountains as well as in the seacoast area, photography, and spending time with his family. Jack and Katherine enjoyed many trips throughout the United States, and spent two memorable sabbatical leaves in England.

He was a wonderful father to his three children, grandfather to his seven grandchildren, great-grandfather to his three great-grandchildren, and most of all devoted husband of many years to his wife Katherine. We will all miss him greatly, mindful that he had a long and good life filled with adventure, love, family, and science. We remember him for his strength, his warmth, and his total dedication to his work and family.

Services: A memorial service will be held at 1:00PM on Friday, February 27, 2015 at the J. Verne Wood Funeral Home-Buckminster Chapel, 84 Broad Street, Portsmouth, NH.

Obituary below.
1. Kenneth Edward Mulhern --- Brittany Kniffen
  ---------(2)  Gordon Gargiulo
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